Glycol Removal


Equinox supply a range of solutions for the treatment of glycol byoxidation of the glycol to carbon dioxide and water.


Designs for water flows of 3 to 100 m3 per hour.


        -   Fully automatic, low labour requirement

        -   Monitoring of performance of the plant

        -   Simple to use

        -   Can be containerised and heated

        -   Optional in ground installation


To give minimum 96% removal of glycol.



Fire Training Water treatment


Due to the nature of fire training the oil residue in the water is highly emulsified and therefore it is not possible to remove the oil by gravity alone. Equinox have developed an unique flow through system, where the oil is absorbed from the water.


The Chemsorb system removes 98% of all oil, including highly emulsified oil, to give a discharge of less than 10 ppm of oil.


The system is also design to take account of the particulates formed in the fire fighting training, there is very fine soot formed that can be in the range of sub 5 microns.


These system have no moving parts and therefore are very reliable and with low maintenance, making them ideal for use in remote locations. 





















Glycol Removal






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