Equinox Solutions for Landfill Operations



The Equinox system combines Heavy Metal treatment and Oil removal into a single, synergistic treatment step, resulting in significant cost savings and performance advantages over other systems.


Leachate Water Treatment


The Equinox System can be used to treat industrial, refinery, petrochemical, coal gasification wastewater, as well as landfill leachate and highly contaminated surface water or groundwater. The single-step treatment process results in significant cost and performance advantages over systems such as activated sludge and granulated carbon. 


Features and Benefits 

- Can treat Heavy Metals, Oil, Arsenic, Copper, Chrome, TBT in a single treatment step

- No chemical addition

- Reduced cost for disposing of residuals

- Simple robust and low maintenance


Soil and Silt Treatment


Equinox supply a range of simple treatment systems for use on landfills, for small scale treatment of soil contaminated with Heavy Metals, TBT, Arsenic, Copper, Chrome and PAH.


- Oxidation of Organics

- Leaching of Heavy Metals and TBT











Leachate Water Treatment


Soil and Silt Treatment



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